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Business of one, staff of 100

Have you ever considered how many people support your business of one? Sole-proprietors tend to think they're completely on their own; however, that doesn't have to be - nor should it be - true. Within an the business world, no one truly is ever alone. Contrary to what most people think, we are all in this together.

So, who's supporting the sole proprietor? Probably more than you think!


It should go without saying that a business is only as profitable and successful as its customers. Without them, the business isn't going to go too far. Customers provide more than just income. Returning customers tell owners they're providing good services at the right price. Customers who leave or cancel provide feedback that services can be improved or that pricing is not competitive.

Your customer base provides you the best market feedback you can take.


Every business has suppliers, even those who don't sell goods. Microsoft is a major supplier of business software, the telephone company supplies communication needs, and the gas station supplies fuel! Suppliers are looking to compete for your business, and they can give you an insight as to what others are doing. What makes businesses opt for Google Docs over Microsoft Word? Does anyone remember Corel Wordperfect? There are reasons why businesses choose their suppliers. Sole proprietors can avoid headache and wasted expense by choosing suppliers who are successful and have customer reviews to support.

Your suppliers' successes can indicate whether you are getting the best service or if you should consider a different experience.

Accounts and lawyers

While accounts, lawyers, and administrative staff provide different services, they provide a service which ensure that the business is protected legally, protected financially, and are usually experts within small business. Good practitioners have a number of clients and can build on their experiences serving them to help others. For a sole-proprietor, they are not members of staff, but they are part of the company. Their success is dependent on the success of the small businesses they serve.

You professional staff provides you with a better understanding of how others operate so you can make improvements to your operations.

Consultants and outsourcing services

Just as with accountants and lawyers, there are those consultants and service providers who can service you with specific business expertise. These can range from management consultants who can guide you in your business setup to security companies who can protect your assets. Expertise such as theirs provides a view on how companies handle their specific aspects relevant to their businesses. For example: A security company can explain how to prevent document mishandling. The business doesn't need to reinvent the wheel.

Management consulting firms such as Chayim Messer Consulting bring expertise gained from seeing wide varieties of company operations, management systems used (or not used!), and understanding the market for business operations services. We can guide you in finding the right people to service your company, keep your expenditure down, and ensure you're focusing on your business.

Contact us today for a free process audit - even for small businesses! Sole proprietors shouldn't waste their time on arduous processes and backlogs of paperwork. Contact us today!


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